Paddle with us in Misool

Millekul Adventures organizes unforgettable kayaking adventures to Misool, Raja Ampat

Join us in experiencing the Earth’s most stunning marine karst landscape and ecology! Check out our trips!

Short trips

Kayaking in Misool’s  inner Archipelago of karst castles, towers and coral wonder.


medium start trips

Kayaking on the majestic outer archipelago and its stunning lagoons, snorkel the best corals.


Medium End trips

Kayaking in the karst labyrinths of the inner archipelago and the lush jungle of Misool.


Long trips

Kayaking on the whole length of Misool’s inspiring chain of islands and the great jungle.


Advanced trips

Challenge yourself Island hopping and camping in the South Island chain of Misool.


Special & Customized trips

Adapt our normal trip according to your group’s interest or plan an entirely new adventure.


Adventures suitable from beginners to experienced kayakers!

Both beginners and extremely experienced kayakers have had a lot of fun with us. Everyone can have an unforgettable adventure because we adapt to our guests, including kids!

Why Misool?

Misool is the southernmost island of Raja Ampat, the richest marine biodiversity on Earth. It is considered to be the most beautiful and mysterious of the four main islands, with more magnificent karst islands above incredible coral reefs. It also has rich jungles, with land animals and colourful birds.

Most of the Earth’s few jellyfish lakes are found in Misool. There are also huge caves and ancient rock paintings. The people of Misool are not dependent on tourism as in northern Raja Ampat. This does not stop them from being genuinely friendly. Misool has it all and is close so it is best to experience from a kayak!

Why Millekul?

The Millekul team is from Misool and all of Indonesia. It’s very important for us to support the people of Misool and preserve its unique nature. Millekul guides are excellent adventure companions with very deep local knowledge. We have quality equipment for more experiences, comfort and the best safety. Join our trips and be inspired by this magnificent place.

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