Short trips in the amazing inner and mid archipelago of Misool. Suitable both for families and beginners. Stay 2 nights in a decent homestay situated over the water among Misool’s best attractions. Great snorkeling possibilities.


1 star – From beginners who have never sat in a kayak to experts. Short day trips in protected waters with empty kayaks. No need to be fit.


  • Total 5 days
  • 3 days kayaking
  • 2 nights in homestay
  • 2 nights in a ferry cabin with AC
  • Prices from 760 EUR/820 USD per person

The Short trips always start on Monday afternoons and ends on Friday mornings in Sorong. It’s possible to take the first early flights and arrive the same day the trip starts. NOTE the ferry might be delayed.

Special with these trips:

  • Jump straight from the homestay platform into the clear tropical waters and snorkel the coral reef around the homestay.
  • Kayak through magnificent karst formations in calm and sheltered waters
  • Swim with the harmless jellyfish in a marine lake.
  • Hike to two viewpoints to see the breathtaking scenery.
  • Perfect trip for beginners, families, backpackers or Indonesian travelers looking for a quick getaway.

A short, easy, yet amazing trip through the inner and mid archipelago of Misool. Staying 2 nights in a simple homestay over the water near some of Misool’s best attractions. Beginner friendly day trips in unloaded kayaks.

We familiarize ourselves with our kayaks on the first day. We do 2 day trips to nearby areas around the homestay, hike to a viewpoint (stairs only halfway up) and kayak around many amazing karst formations. Good snorkeling from the viewpoint jetty.

Second day we’re going to the mid archipelago to the East to snorkel in a jellyfish lake, explore a cave and paddle among little rock islands. The third paddling day we’ll go to the more distant inner archipelago and kayak in a labyrinth, see rock arts, and hike a viewpoint (stairs the whole way) and much more. Return to the ferry and sleep on the ferry to Sorong.

We are staying at a simple homestay in Yapap that is built over the water on stilts. It’s above the coral reef so you can also snorkel here or observe from the jetties. 6 bungalows, most with 2 rooms each with 2 beds and shared toilet/shower, and fans. Electricity starts when it’s dark. This simple homestay is quite popular among our adventurous guests..

We have 3 optional boat trips that you can choose to do. Boat trip A is to visit a Muslim village nearby and then visit a huge rock overhang. Instead of kayaking a return trip on the second day you could take Boat trip B further and you can kayak and explore more, starting from Namlol rocks and blue hole. If you want to see a very different landscape on the last day it is optional to make Boat trip C to half day in Blue jungle river and a Matbat village and in the afternoon kayak through a fjord with magnificent caves.

The boat trip is best to be decided according to the weather and paid in place by IDR cash. See more in Prices below and under Options.

Short trips misool
Short trips misool
Short trips misool


To be able to follow the places we will visit and stay during the trips please check the map of South-East Misool where we have put in the archipelagos, basecamps, homestays and Yellu.

Day 1 – Transport to Misool Island by night ferry, shared AC cabin included.
Day 2Transport to homestay. First rescue practices, after kayak day trips. Do a peak hike and amazing stone formations in the inner archipelago.
Day 3 – Kayak day trip from homestay to explore the mid archipelago. Jellyfish lake visit, caves, snorkeling, ”rock jumping”. Night kayaking.
Day 4 – Kayak day trip to the labyrinth area, rock art and do one peak hike. Transport to Sorong with night ferry, shared AC cabin included.
Day 5 – Arrive in Sorong by ferry in the early morning.

Detailed itinerary

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included every day except for day 1 (no meals) and day 5 (only breakfast).
NOTE! This itinerary is preliminary and may vary due to weather conditions or other unforeseen events.

Short trips misool day 1

Day 1 (transport day) Monday

The trip starts by meeting at the ticket office in the ferry port at 21:00, 9 PM if you have not chosen the Sorong package or made other agreements with Millekul Adventures. We could go for a joint dinner, shop at the supermarket etc. If so we will meet earlier in the afternoon in our guest house in Sorong. There you can also leave your bags. Contact us to make an agreement. The slow night ferry leaves 22:00, 10 PM from Sorong to Misool. Eat dinner before. The ferry only has a kiosk with snacks, noodle soup, soda and coffee. Sleep at a shared ferry cabin with AC.

Short trips misool day 1

Day 2 (paddling day 1) Tuesday

The ferry arrives at Yellu around 7 AM. Breakfast at the ferry. Boat transport to Yapap (40 minutes). Check in at homestay. Start with rescue practices in the kayaks. We kayak to Dafalen and hike to the peak (stairs to do before it gets too hot). There we see the famous Heart lagoon. We do snorkeling at Dafalen jetty, then kayak around the area. Lunch at Yapap. After lunch we’ll explore the 6 amazing karst formation areas in Yapap including “Yapap One” or ”Temple Islets”. This last one is one of the famous icons of Misool. Dinner at homestay. Approx. 7 km kayaking. First night at Yapap homestay.

We made a visit to the nearby Muslim village, Usaha Jaya. We walk around in the village, give gifts to the school, say hello to many kids and village people and it’s possible to buy cold soft drinks, so bring some cash. After or before we could also by boat visit a huge cave wall/overhang cave. See Prices and Options.

Short trips misool day 3

Day 3 (paddling day 2) Wednesday

We kayak to the Lenmakana area. First a snorkeling stop at a small sand beach. We will visit some caves, such as the ”Bat cave” by kayak. If we have time we go by the Lenmakana Christmas tree lagoon. Lunch at Lenmakana beach with snorkeling possibilities. We will visit the Lenmakana jellyfish lake after lunch. We kayak further and walk up to the double cave with the “Contemplating lady” on land. We do rock jumping all the way back to Yapap. Approx. 10-15 km by kayaks.  This evening we will arrange night kayaking with strong UW lamps under the kayaks on the coral reef. Second night at Yapap homestay

Go further east and start from the very beautiful Namlol spiky rocks/blue hole beach and go back via Lenmakana as described above. So it will not be a round-trip so you will see more. It’s the same paddling distance of 10 km. See Prices and Options.

Short trips 4

Day 4 (paddling day 3) Thursday

We will explore the Dapunlol area to the west and go by labyrinths-kayak playgrounds, the best rock art walls in Misool to the Dapunlol peak. Lunch at Dapunlol jetty and after we hike to the peak by the stairs the whole way for amazing views. Back to the kayaks and paddle in the afternoon from Dapunlol to Yapap homestay. We pass many interesting karst formations and a starfish passage plus a ”crow” karst castle. 10-12 km paddling.
Or free choice, take it easy, go snorkeling etc.

Boat transport to ferry in Yellu and dinner. The ferry goes at 7 PM to Sorong. Sleep at a shared ferry cabin with AC.

Instead, we can make a full day boat trip with kayaks. You will make a visit to a Christian Matbat village, kayak a Blue jungle river, kayak in a fjord with huge land and sea caves plus maybe a second jellyfish lake. See Prices and Options.

Short trips 5

Day 5 (transport day) Friday

We will arrive at Sorong around 04:00, 4 AM. It’s possible to sleep longer in the cabin with AC after an agreement with the ferry crew, so sleeping until 7:00 or 08:00 is possible. It’s also possible to catch the first morning flights from Sorong airport and also take the 09:00, 9 AM Express ferry to Wasai.
The trip ends after departing the ferry or ends with a breakfast in Millekul guest house in Sorong. If no other agreements are made with Millekul Adventures.

Homestays to choose in the Medium trips after or before the kayaking part. For prices see Prices and Options.

  1. Low budget homestay
    • Overwater bungalows with fans only in the Inner archipelago, Yapap homestay, closer to Yapap area. Restaurant over the water. No beach/no land and the bungalows are on stilts and connected with jetties.
    • Alternative overwater bungalows with fans only in Inner archipelago, Yamnini homestay, closer to Dafalen area.  Restaurant over the water. Little karst rocks to walk on otherwise the bungalows are on stilts and connected with jetties.
    • Alternative homestay on an Island closer to Yellu village (ferry from/to Sorong), Binomat homestay. Has a beach with sand but a little swampy as also mangroves around. Good coral reef outside the very long jetty. One big main building with 8 rooms with 2 beds each with its own toilet/shower. Only fans in the rooms.
  2. Medium budget homestay with AC bungalows
    • Small AC bungalows overwater in the Middle archipelago, Nut Tonton homestay. The restaurant is on land and they have small beaches. Currents/waves sometimes around the small island so better snorkeling in the Island chain crossover by boat (extra cost).
  1. High budget homestay with bigger rooms and AC
    • More fancy high budget AC bungalow rooms on land in the Outer islands homestay, Panun Paradise Island homestay (our base) is maybe the most beautiful homestay island in Misool. A turtle beach island there they go up and lay eggs that later hatch etc. Also some peaks to hike and you can walk over to the other side of the island with 2 beaches (further one may need a machete!
    • More fancy high budget AC bungalows overwater in the inner islands homestay, Lalelkai homestay. Bigger bungalows that could work for two persons up to a small family. Own toilet and shower.
    • It’s also possible to take instead a room in their big main building with 6 rooms with bunk beds. Shared toilet/shower. Shared AC unit between the rooms.
      Lalelkai have their own dive center but no sand beach and less good possibility to walk around the island. Restaurant over the water.

For prices see Prices and Options.


To see the Millekul Adventures schedules and availability of the Short trips, please click on which season you are interested in.

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What is included

The trip price covers all costs from the day the trip starts and to the last day of the trip in accordance with our trip specification.

Included in the price:

  • Ferry transfer from Sorong to Misool and back. Including AC cabin
  • Accommodation in one homestay during the trip in Misool
  • Food, fruit, water & snacks during the whole trip
  • 2 boat transports from ferry to homestay and back
  • All kayaking gear (kayak, sprayskirt, paddle, PFD etc.)
  • Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit and all fees/permits for kayaking in Misool
  • English speaking Indonesian kayaking guides
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included every day except for day 1 (no meals) and day 5 (only breakfast).


Not included in the price:

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Air fares/travel to the meeting point in Sorong
  • Visa and passport charges
  • Airport transfers and airport departure taxes
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Vaccinations and medicines for your trip
  • Hotel nights on the trip to/from Sorong. Hotel nights in Sorong
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Extra meals or drinks not included in the itinerary
  • Expenses of personal character as single room supplement, laundry and other personal items as snorkeling equipment, headlamp etc.

Detailed specifications are sent out at time for booking.

We negotiate the best prices for the logistics of the trips and the permissions for camping with the local villages that own the islands and guide you to the most memorable spots and places to camp. As you book your flights yourself, you have the freedom to plan some more activities before or after our trip. We are happy to give you advice on what to see before and after our trips and help you with the bookings if needed.


To see the Millekul Adventures prices of the Short trips, please click on which season you are interested in.

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We have collected all FAQ’s on a dedicated page and tried to categorize them in the best possible way.

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