After a long search for the ultimate tropical kayaking paradise around the equator, we were hooked by the beauty of Misool. Millekul Adventures’ team are kayak adventurers who were very much inspired by the marine karst landscape that we are determined to share and preserve the value of this most fascinating area in Raja Ampat. We are eager to show how miraculous the natural wonders can be. Far from just providing a simple entertaining trip, we aim to provide life inspiring trips. On the other end, we also committed to give back to Misool’s nature and people, as we believe sustainable adventure tourism can benefit and conserve all at the same time.

Our Mission

Find out about our company’s mission for our customers and for Misool.


We strive to always do our adventure trips in more sustainable way possible.

Our Local Work

Millekul is determined to give back and participate with people in Misool.

The Team

Our professional, emphatic, fun loving kayak guides and support team.

After Kayak

Millekul acknowledges the importance of the quality time in between kayaking.

Our Equipment

We simply have the best sea kayaking and camping equipment in the country.


We collaborate with media partners to share the wonders of nature in Misool.

Work & Internship

 If you are an outdoor enthusiast, maybe a job or an internship program for you?

Our Story

Find out how our kayak adventurers and nature lovers started Millekul Adventures.